Recorded up close in a single day on the old piano in Studio Apparatus - except for Specks that was recorded on AMIMEA's old Mannborg ship piano - A MILLION TINY LENSES embodies that idea that huge beauty can be found in the smallest things.

Being a restless and self-reinventing performer and songwriter, usually combining multiple instruments and literate lyrics in her projects, under the moniker AMIMEA Merit Visser explores the very foundation of her love for music: the piano.

As art pop songstress LIJO and the founder of indie folk band Ilen Mer, she recorded multiple albums and toured throughout Europe - always in the role of singer and instrumentalist. Being unapologetically in love with songwriting, and lyrics specifically, she spent the majority of her time writing and producing songs autonomously as well as with fellow artists. Recording anything instrumental never seriously crossed her mind until 2020.

Debut album FOR GRANTED happened the first weekend of the lockdown, all in 24 hours between four walls. On a Saturday night, aimlessly improvising on the piano started as a distraction from both the noise and haze and the buzzing silence; but it ended with eight tracks on Sunday night. Then the rush was over. That was it.
The result of this unanticipated endeavour is a collection of minimalistic, unfiltered, modest piano songs that were born from intuition. Created without any expectation, they speak their truth quietly and plainly. The album breathes the sudden serenity the world was thrown into, the clearness of the passing of time and the nostalgic realisation of what seemingly simple things we took for granted.

The debut album was something Visser coincidentally stumbled upon. But after FOR GRANTED, she found herself returning to the piano in between her other musical projects looking for simplicity and comfort. Being an autodidact pianist, she had always viewed the piano as being her composition instrument, before and during her Songwriting Bachelor and Composition and Technology Master degrees. In her work as a songwriter and vocalist, the piano had never stood on its own; therefore she never considered herself a ‘true’ solo pianist, which made her approach her own compositions with both curiosity and scepticism. Even the moniker of this project was diverted from the question if being a pianist was something she could allow herself: ‘am I me?’ Finding that this question only arose before or after composing, but never during, she ended up writing her second album A MILLION TINY LENSES, which was also recorded in one day with the charm of capturing the moment in mind.

It is an ode to beauty in simplicity, to comfort in times of doubt and to allowing yourself to feel instead of think. With A MILLION TINY LENSES, AMIMEA explores how there are many many ways to look at the world and yourself.


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"'Am I Me?' - I chose this name because the moniker AMIMEA is derived from this question, but it gets a new meaning now. Am I just me, or am I a part of something that you are all a part of as well, are we all creating something of beauty together? In a world that looks increasingly grim, I think adding beauty and art of any kind has great value and I want to share that with you." - AMIMEA

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'For Granted', the first album, on digital sheet music. 

'A Million Tiny Lenses', the second album, on digital sheet music. 


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