With “Kaleidoscopes”, AMIMEA takes time to unwind and look at the ordinary from new perspectives. Her soothing neo-classical piano track allows the listeners to discover multiple layers within the music as well as within their own interpretation of it.

“In recent years, it seems to me that colours are clearer. As if my eyes are growing more sensitive to the world around me. “Look how beautiful the sky is today” has become one of my signature phrases.
Now the colour of the world probably hasn’t changed that much the last couple of years, so it must be me. Maybe I’m slowing down and taking more time to allow the views in. Or maybe I have become more attentive to the actual minor differences in daylight, caused by the height of the sun and the shapes of the clouds, in which the ordinary stable aspects of life can vary and surprise.
I love being surprised. And I found that if you look closely and without expectation, if you allow the unexpected access to your life, it’s not that hard to be.”

After debut album FOR GRANTED, “Kaleidoscopes” marks the start of a new chapter for AMIMEA.

Being a restless and self-reinventing performer and songwriter, usually combining multiple instruments and literate lyrics in her projects, under this moniker AMIMEA explores the very foundation of her love for music: the piano. Fascinated by the melancholic, yet hopeful beauty of stillness and solitude, her minimalistic songs either slow you down towards peace and quiet, or evoke images in your mind among which you can travel. 

AMIMEA’s debut album FOR GRANTED happened the first weekend of the lockdown, all in 24 hours between four walls. What started as a distraction from both the noise and haze and the buzzing silence on a Saturday night, ended with eight tracks on Sunday night. Then the rush was over. That was it.

The result of this unanticipated endeavour is a collection of minimalistic, unfiltered, modest piano songs that were born from intuition. Created without any expectation, they speak their truth quietly and plainly. The album breathes the sudden serenity the world was thrown into, the clearness of the passing of time and the nostalgic realisation of what seemingly simple things we took for granted.

The album is an ode to embracing the unexpected. To capturing the moment. To letting happen without judgement. But most of all, to resilience.


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